Expectations & Commitments

As we move forward into new years, we should always be working to better ourselves. We are so much stronger together and we will continue to grow with a few key components. In addition to the “open-door / white sheets” policy, here are a few commitments to hold each other accountable. Many of these are from my teacher, Kenneth Kiesler, and his retreat that he runs every summer in Maine, (Conductors Retreat at Medomak) marked with an *. He was gracious enough to allow us use of this concept. I believe it is a wonderful atmosphere for growing and increasing musical connectivity. I am hoping to keep that going with all of us here at Oakland Choral Society, here we go!

I commit to:

  • Respect the place, the physical surroundings, the buildings and property. *
  • Be part of a nurturing and contemplative environment by being attentive at all times.
  • Be on time for ALL sessions / rehearsals. *
  • Comment to a person, not about a person. *
  • Try what is taught / presented before dismissing it.
  • At all times, respect my fellow choir mates and their own growth.
  • Understand that we are all growing/learning, all the time.
  • Take on that learning isn’t something that someone does to me or for me. *
  • Value my needs enough to communicate them to people who can make a difference. *
  • Give as well as receive. *
  • Honor and catalyze our work by engaging fully, not by skimping on my participation, but by going full out. *
  • Honor the music by honoring one another.
  • In some way, leave this place better for having been there. *

Thank you for all you have done to make our first year together a wonderful success! I believe this year is going to be a fantastical experience for all. I cannot wait to make music with you all again soon!

All best,
Andrew Neer
Artistic Director / Conductor, Oakland Choral Society